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After several years predominated by exotic woods such as teak; by European woods such as Italian walnut, pine and larch; even by solid colours, we now see a semi-return of oak. We say semi-return because oak has never left. It has always been present. At times in a secondary position, just as those garments we keep in the wardrobe that never go out of fashion.

Now oak again returns to the forefront and we see it in different versions, tones and applications. Decotec recently displayed 3 types of oak, PADDOCK, CARDIGAN and TREVELIN which differ greatly among themselves but practically covering the whole range of applications for home or office furniture, and even for commercial or institutional decoration.

PADDOCK is a striped oak, with a “negative” pore, in other words, the pore is lighter than the background colour. Its linear nature is slightly interrupted by the “half crowns” effect, just hinted at, providing it with greater liveliness and visual balance. Although PADDOCK has quite a wide range of tones, we are presenting a greyish colour which takes full advantage of this model's virtues and which favour its combination with white, grey and black tones.

CARDIGAN is a slated oak with unique features: a combination of pores, typical oak marks, “frisé” effect, all of them highlighted by metallic paint. The colours that best match with CARDIGAN are dark tones from the brown and grey ranges. This new presentation of oak is appropriate for all types of environments requiring elegant and sophisticated furniture.

TREVELIN is the result of art applied to wood: a reconstituted oak, arranged in small strips to create irregular shapes providing a very innovative effect. Here we propose a natural oak tone to create warm environments. TREVELIN is a model that can be applied both to details in juvenile furniture, as well as to kitchen and cupboard fronts which, at a distance, convey the feeling of a uni-colour but when coming closer we discover the subtle structure of this composition.

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